2% Fee, PPLNS and VARDIFF, 0.01 Block Bonus -> Happy Mining !! [email -> crypto.csc@gmail.com]
Pool fee increasing to 2% and reduced block bonus due to lower reward of 10 coins per block.
posted 08/19/2014 08:34:42 by admin

We are now running stable for more than 30,000 blocks on the new block reward system of version The block reward reduction caused that the 1% pool fee went entirely to the blockfinder because of the block bonus of 0.1 which is 1% of 10 coins. To at least earn a few coins with this pool i am forced to increase the pool fee to 2% and reduce the block reward to 0.01 coins.

Major upgrade of pool website, including many big fixes and GUI
posted 07/22/2014 10:30:42 by admin

Today we did a major upgrade of our pool server software. This includes many bugfixes and fixes for security issues. Als the website GUI has some major changes. If you encounter any issues please do not hesitate to contact us.


Upgrade to version succesful. Please update your wallet as soon as possible!
posted 07/19/2014 09:56:23 by admin

We upgrade the server to version and are now mining again on the correct blockchain. It seems that 1 block was lost during the move, sorry for that. All clients before version will now be blocked as obsolete versions. 

We upgraded to version please update your walet as well!
posted 05/20/2014 00:07:26 by admin

We implemented the new version to solve the timewarp issues. There will be a fork at block 445000. Please update your wallet as well, see the forum for more information: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=258090.2220

The wallet can be downloaded at: https://github.com/casinocoin/casinocoin/releases/

Heartbleed fix implemented
posted 04/15/2014 12:06:06 by admin

Today we implemented a fix for the Heartbleed OpenSSL bug. If you want to be sure your username/password is secure you can now change it to a new value. This does not mean your acount/password has been comprimised however we can not guarantee it was save between the Heartbleed bug publication and our server patch so to be on the save side we advise everybody to change your account password.

Almost 300,000 casino coins mined at MegaMineros!!
posted 04/08/2014 15:33:29 by admin

Mining has slowed down a bit lately as did the entire CSC network speed but we continue mining and are nearing the 300,000 coins mark since our start back in december! Thank you to all miners for making that possible! Hope you continue mining with us in the future. 

Site was temporarily down because of Register.com DNS outage
posted 02/28/2014 10:04:55 by admin

Today the entire Register.com network went down including all DNS servers as well. Since we have our domainname registered with them our servers could not be resolved anymore (see http://www.isitdownrightnow.com/register.com.html). Around 10:00 am CET everything was working again. We apologize for the inconvenience but this one was out of our hands. Thank you for continuing to mine with us! Only 600 coins to go to the 200,000 coin bonus!!

Upgrade to 1.1.0 Successful!
posted 02/16/2014 09:52:15 by admin

This weekend we upgraded to CSC successfuly. Aside from that we also applied some server security patches, upgraded the pool software, installed the latest version of stratum and cleaned up the trash and did a server reboot. Has been a busy weekend!

Latinoamerica node will be removed for now!
posted 01/13/2014 13:33:18 by admin

As the node is barely used i will remove the Latinoamerica node for now, maybe in a near future i will re-enable it if there appears to be a need for it.

Notifications working again!
posted 01/03/2014 19:43:15 by admin

Due to the server move the automatic notification sending did not work anymore. I finally found the problem and now it is working again.

Payouts Job got stuck, now started again and catching up!
posted 01/03/2014 14:12:29 by admin

For the last few hours there had been no payouts because the job that handles those got stuck. Now it is restarted and catching up doing the payouts for the about 15 blocks that did got found in the background. Now running smooth again!!

Thank you for mining with us!!

New faster server
posted 12/31/2013 14:18:28 by admin

I have been very disapointed with the price/performance ratio of Amazon cloud services. That is why we decided to move to an other hosting provider. This has been done in the past week. Total downtime was 20 seconds. In the next week we will also move some stratum servers as well.

Until now i could only find some issues with notifications not being sent out, we are working on that issue. Secondly the extended Getting Started page disappeared which is now back again.

Please configure multiple stratum nodes in your cgminer.conf as indicated in the Getting Started guide from the Help menu on the left. In case a stratum node needs to be moved or restarted your mining will not suffer from that as cgminer will automatically failover to the next server node.

If you encounter any issues please report them to us so we can fix them if necesarry.

Happy Mining!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New (Mining) Year!!
posted 12/24/2013 13:21:31 by admin

First of all i want to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Next i have reduced the bonus to 0.1 coin to block finders! With the higher bonus in place the pool is running at a loss which i can not maintain. So i first removed the bonus but now have reinstated it but at a lower level. If more miners join the pool i will increase the block bonus again.

Payouts Job got stuck, now started again and catching up!
posted 12/21/2013 12:54:51 by admin

After the Vardiff change a few shares got inserted double. That caused the Payouts job to stop running automatically. After correcting the error the Payouts job restarted running and is currently processing the backlog of blocks and the payouts.

Running smooth now for more than 24 hours!!
posted 12/16/2013 23:09:39 by admin

I took some big hurdles and some hard lessons to learn (that server crash costed me a lot of money) but now we are running very stable and fast. The biggest changes are: - Main server doubled in CPU and Memory capacity - MySQL moved of the server into a high availability MySQL Cluster with replication and automatic failover - Backup procedures in place for both database and coin wallet - New server in the United States (main server is located in Sao Paulo), see Getting Started for the details to connect

I am confident that with these changes we are very stable now and able to process whatever server load we are presented with.

Happy Mining!

Will leave the website in maintenance mode for now, mining and payouts continue!!
posted 12/16/2013 00:36:55 by admin

The source of all problems lies in the MPOS pool software we use. For now i will leave the pool in maintenance mode so we can try and trace SQL problems. I see enormous spikes in database connections and very slow queries which increase exponential with the users. This same problem will happen to all MPOS users so please do not scare away. We still are mining strong and finding blocks only the website is causing problems.

Happy Mining!

Server running smooth again ...
posted 12/15/2013 15:08:43 by admin

I hope i will be able to keep it this way now. The coind deamon and stratum server are now very fast. Webserver is still having problems with the load but that does not affect mining speeds. We will now look into speeding up de webserver as well.

Sever load is to high, we are going down for an hour to load balance our MySQL servers
posted 12/13/2013 00:07:51 by admin

Due to the ever increasing user count we need to do some maintenance to the server. Especially MySQL is causing very high cpu load. We are going to load balance the MySQL to reduce the server load and increase webserver speed. Please do not leave our pool as we are mining a lot! Maximum down time estimated at 1 hour or till 20:00 EST.

Changed confirmations from 50 to 10
posted 12/12/2013 16:44:40 by admin

To speed things up a bit i changed the necessary confirmations from 50 to 10.

We passed the 10 MHash/sec mark!
posted 12/11/2013 23:41:59 by admin

After just being active a few hours we passed the 10MHash/sec level already. We have now 10 active miners. The last blocks are being found kind of slow but the shares/sec and the server query and response times remain good. The blocks will arrive sooner, just be patient!!

New CSC Pool started
posted 12/11/2013 18:35:22 by admin

Today we started a new Casino Coin pool. We run on a PPLNS payout system. We charge a 2% pool fee and a 0.1 coin transaction fee for payouts. Auto payouts can be set from 1-250. So if set to max you will receive 244.9 coins for every 250 mined.