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New Pool for TagCoin (TAG)

TagCoin  TagCoin (TAG)

Today we started a new pool for mining TagCoin. These days there are a lot of different cryptocoins en sometimes it seems a new one pops up every day. Most of them are just copies of others but to me it seems that TagCoin has several elements different to others which makes it more interesting for the future. You can for example get TagCoins in other ways than only mining them and you receive interest over coins that are for a longer time in your wallet. Look on TagCoin for more information.

To start mining TagCoin today please refer to the TagCoin Pool Page. Then select the ‘Getting Started’ option from the menu for all information to register and to connect to our servers.

Remember that the Stratum port for TagCoin is 3335. And connect to the most nearby server on latinoamerica.megamineros.com, norteamerica.megamineros.com en europa.megamineros.com.


  • 1% Pool fee
  • Vardiff
  • SSL Secured Pool site
  • Multiple Stratum servers on different continents